Max Msp Programmer, personalized programming for artistic projects and advertising p

I can make different types of interactive software for art projects, advertising or any other purpose where the development of a multimedia application could be requires to respond to specific requirements that the normal software sold in market are not designed to perform satisfactorily.

Some examples are multimedia works, multi phonic sound and multi video installations, with time real transformation, transformable sound spaces, sensitive scenic spaces for dance and theater, mapping projection building or sensitive and transformable spaces for advertisings.

These applications can synchronize and manage multiple simultaneous video projections, play alternately different synthetic sounds and audio files, convert audio took by a microphone or use the information received from a video camera to execute some action.

At the same time these applications can be connected to a large number of sensors to use the information about light, temperature, motion, weight, pressure, tilt, etc.  And provide data to control the development of the job assigned to our software.

If you want more information you can contact me by mail any time I will be glad and available to answer your questions or make an appointment to talk abaut your project on skype.