Max Msp and Jiter course

Max Msp Courses objects oriented programming for artistic creations 

Currently, due to the diversity of needs of contemporary artists, IRCAM and CRCA (Center for Research in Computing and the Arts) from the University of California have created new programs called object-oriented programming platforms or graphical programming environments, offering to develop multimedia applications, with an easier language made for artists this language is developed using different interconnected graphic and pre programed "objects".

These programming environments allow us to focus specific objectives to develop multimedia applications.

Thus the orientation programming objects has been used for many years by universities around the world to teach computer music, interactivity, new media, sound design and many other disciplines to students from diverse backgrounds as the visual approach of this type of programming, allows the students to easily understand the possibilities of organize this objects to create complex logic structures for multimedia composition and advanced programs for live performance with no lines of code.

General objectives:

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the world of object oriented programming, and show the possibilities and differences offered by Max Msp and Jiter programs to apply in multimedia and artistic creation, in order to form the artist in this field.

Provide students with the knowledge to create a multimedia presentation and a software that can be used in any discipline where the audio, video or the use of sensors (temperature weight movement etc. ..) connected to a computer are required  to perform a direct or a deferral time action.

Provide students with the knowledge to create software designed to assist artistic creation.
Attend the different formal, technical and artistic and organization levels to consider in our work to be able to develop an artistic creation or an art project.
Understand the logic applied in programming to create an application with Max msp.


At the end of this course:

• The student will have a base for programming object orientation
• The student will have acquired the ability to search by itself and to create new programs
• The student will have the basis for creating a multimedia presentation with live audio and video processing.
• The student will be able to create a standalone application.

This course theoretical and practical and will focus on the acquisition of basic programming, by applying them to the personal project of each student,  it will review the student progress made in each module of practical work and will help to solve real programming problems.

Consequently this course can be a complement to other music arts or advertising courses.

The courses are taught efficiently on skype sharing the screen, which allows us to have contact with anyone anywhere in the world.

courses can be taught in English French or Spanish.

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Pedro Castillo Lara